Callan Kennedy Link Being Human, Existing In Space

IMAGE: Reading Room Three-Dimensional View
IMAGE: Existing In Space
IMAGE: Reading Room Floor Plan
IMAGE: Reading Room Section
IMAGE: Private Space Within The Public

Within the context of Being Human, and with background information from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, my project focused on researching elements of design that would be suitable for use by people with autism spectrum disorder.

The reading room is a public space where there is an expectation of tranquillity, and hopefully the sensory experience is softened further than a typical library space.

An open space with clear views to the outside world was desirable, alongside the option for a more private existence within the space, and so alcoves were created within one wall, featuring windows and pull-out shutters that enable the user to control their own environment and experience. Windows surrounding the room at the point where the ceiling meets the wall allows for an abundance of natural daylight, and the positioning of the windows reduces glare and distraction from external stimuli.

In essence, my project aimed to provide a relaxing place to read and study within the confines of the 30m² limit and guidance from the brief. Ideas formed through reading and talking to people were incorporated in a way that hopefully creates a peaceful environment.

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