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The Metal Gig is an interactive narrative game made using Unity that will guide the player through a Heavy Metal festival. During this experience the user will get some insight on what being human means for different Metal subgenres, with maybe a slight satiric tone and some immersive background music. Whether an old-school metalhead or a complete stranger to the musical genre, the player will either find the game full of inside-jokes and references to real bands or an informative journey through this subculture. 


The project is deliberately less deep or profound than the “Being Human” theme would suggest, since the intention was for the game to be easy and hopefully even fun to play. However, the ideas and concepts behind it actually have a lot more complexity than what meets the eye, and will be explored to the last detail in the portfolio and visual essay later on.


That said, the relation of music with humanity is still obvious, and the Heavy Metal genre delves even more intimately into it, focusing into topics like what makes us feel what we feel or the nature of death itself. 


Turn up the volume and let The Metal Gig do the rest.


Being HUMAN 2020/21

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