Robbie Lunn Link Textile Toxicity

IMAGE: Imagery found within discarded fashion magazines, combined with contrasting images relating to the damage made by textile pollution.
IMAGE: Here I think about how I could possibly project these images in areas where we most often feed our habit for fast fashion.
IMAGE: Thinking of how I could project my work in an exhibition setting, having the viewer dwarfed and surrounded by this imagery in a similar way to how we desperately surround ourselves with each new fashion item we desire.

In this project my chosen material to work with has been discarded magazine pages, mainly from fashion and lifestyle publications. I was initially influenced by the ‘paraphotography’ of Robert Heineken and how he was able to find new life in this media which is so easily regarded as waste upon us having consumed the information and images inside of them. Through this I wanted to explore our relationship with these publications and with the textile industry in general, how we long for pieces of clothing, only to then move onto the next desirable piece once we have it. Through my project I have built up a collection of collage works, through both physical and digital media in order to convey my ideas of this issue. I have taken my experimental imagery from these magazine pages and combined them with distortions of images such as textile landfills and the toxic pollution emitted from textile factories.


Being HUMAN 2021/22