Zara Glendinning Link How does our everyday consumption impact the environment?

IMAGE: Photo taken outside to emphasise the impact on the environment
IMAGE: Close up of the receipts and their messages

My project is based on the environmental impact of everyday consumption, focusing on receipts, items which are normally immediately discarded, but can purpose be found in these inconsequential items? I was interested by the physical evidence of overconsumption, choosing to analyse the impact of products listed. My final outcome involved six joined receipts made from the plastic packaging of these products, illustrating the environmental cost from packaging alone as I also repurposed commercial language to draw attention to further impacts of the items. Rather than placing blame on consumers, I included irony within the messages to comment on how large companies often greenwash and deflect responsibility onto the consumer for purchasing the products that they promote and are responsible for, leading to the question if an ethical choice within everyday consumption is even possible for the average person.


Being HUMAN 2021/22