Helen Mclaughlin Link Seeping

IMAGE: Memorial to Coal mining
IMAGE: Release of methane from old coal mine
IMAGE: Image of the materials i had collected from site
IMAGE: Image of me breaking down clay material
IMAGE: Coal material that i had ground to make paint
IMAGE: Seaweed I had taken from second site
IMAGE: test samples of paint
IMAGE: Final painting

When thinking of the environment it, lead me to two places .One is where I live which is a village that was built for the steel and mining industry. There have been many scars and toxic traces left behind since the time of production. The village sits on the banks of the river Clyde that flows to the sea my second site. During my walks there I am conscious of the amount of pollution found on the shore. I decided to collect some materials to make paint with. Thinking back to mining I used materials I had extracted from the land such as coal, seaweed, sandstone and clay.


Being HUMAN 2021/22