Freya Mckinty Link Flyposting

IMAGE: Public interaction with my poster, Bath Lane - 17/11/2021
IMAGE: Bath Street - 9/11/2021
MEDIA: The process of making wheat paste - a glue like substance that can be cheaply produced and is often used for flyposting campaigns.
MEDIA: Documentation of flyposting as a physical action.

Humans, by nature, are easily led. When confronted with an instruction that holds even a shred of authority, people will typically adhere to it in an obedient manner. This concept unfolded whilst investigating the nature and impact of both official and casual signage, as they seek to ‘market’ a certain idea to the public eye. My initial fascination with road signs and their ability to direct human traffic through minimalist content developed into an investigation on flyposting, under the main headings of its legality, and the idea of art as a holistic process which can only be truly interpreted through comprehensive documentation and physical presence throughout the process.