Repetitive Discomfort

IMAGE: Ruby Pilgrim
MEDIA: Jessie Laithewaite
MEDIA: Matilda Reid
IMAGE: Karen Hannigan

After reading Smithson’s passage, the idea of a derive or unplanned drift where we could wander and experience our surroundings in a new way was an agreed method for the group. There were numerous ideas but we were aware of current covid regulations so we had to scale back on journeys on foot. We agreed that we would all revisit a journey that we made often but use the idea of the derive to engage with our surroundings.

 We had discussed the idea of repetitive comfort where humans tend to find comfort within routines and as we would be adding a new level of reaction and emotion to our usual routine, we decided to name our project, Repetitive Discomfort. 

From previous discussions with the group, we had spoken about how we would document our journey and we discussed the ideas of capturing images but also film and sound recordings and sketchings and rubbings.

On examining our researched journeys, we had captured repeated images; signs, nature, graffiti and we were able to collate these together. 

Our research of our local areas allowed us to consider working on individual projects that we can bring together under our main brief, Repetitive Discomfort.

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