IMAGE: Lianghong Fan-development1
IMAGE: Lianghong Fan-development2
IMAGE: Lianghong Fan-development3
IMAGE: Kristen McDove-MSA Stage 1

Lianghong Fan: My area is the city centre, so I want to use a very tall building to represent this area, and then use those building structures that were previously disassembled to put together and assemble them into a new structure.

I will use package box to make this building. Above the building I will hang various types of rubbish, which will then be raised and lowered to create a sound. This installation is inspired by a work by Christian Boltanski, in which tons of old clothes are placed on the floor and a mechanical is constantly grabbing some clothes, raising the arm and throwing them down, the opening and closing of the claw reminds me of a city refuse dump that uses such a claw or a forklift to dispose of rubbish. He wanted to express the presence of pain for the dead, and I wanted to express that the rubbish is a serious pollution of the urban environment and a painful presence for the people and the next generation and the habitat. 


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Red Zone

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