Exploring liminality in our respective surroundings

IMAGE: Daisy unwin, Fashion design- Peckham, London. Photos and sketches from rye lane
IMAGE: sketches of peckham- rye lane, 'old order'
IMAGE: My interpretation of 'regeneration'/gentrification areas
IMAGE: 'Walking through Peckham'- a collection of me walking through respective areas of Peckham, evident on map
IMAGE: design development, using shapes from 'liminal areas' of map
IMAGE: draping experiments and digital collage, using Sancia's photo as a backdrop
IMAGE: garment sketch
IMAGE: Thresholds Through Time in Hyndland - Donnie Reid, Architecture - Research Stage
IMAGE: Gateposts of Hyndland
IMAGE: Gatepost Analysis
IMAGE: Sancia McHenry-Fashion design- Bishopbriggs
IMAGE: Murray Young- Painting&printmaking- Glenluce, Scotland

A group exploration of liminal space and the relevance of function in relation to our respective areas. We’re all inhabiting very different spaces currently- Bishopbriggs, Hynland, Glenluce and London- which is highlighted through our contrasting responses to the theme.


Our HABITAT 2020/21


Red Zone

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