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IMAGE: Final 10 images of outsider vs insider insults.
IMAGE: Process.
IMAGE: Do You Sh*g Deid Folk?
IMAGE: Are Those Fake Docs?
IMAGE: Sophie Lancaster
IMAGE: You don't know who Danzig is?
IMAGE: Freak
IMAGE: Poser

An exploration of my partner’s record collection and the many genres contained within in led me to thinking about how much of our identity can be defined by our music taste. It can dictate the way we dress, the people we spend time with and our tastes in all other walks of life; but humans cannot spend their life trapped in such a box. Spending adolescence in the “goth” subculture, we experienced a myriad of insults from outsiders. However you could also experience insults just as hurtful from those within your own tribe if you didn’t follow the set path.


Being HUMAN 2020/21

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