Chloe Attwood Link Tradition and connection to our land

IMAGE: Final outcome
IMAGE: development work

This piece is heavily inspired by Kaumakans work and the ideals of other indigenous tribal art work, specifically spiritual connection to the land and cultural tradition, her use of recycled and found materials was inspiring to me so i chose to replicate her process using plastic bags.

I chose to depict a photograph of my local park from London, Hampstead heath, as I felt I had a lack of connection to the Scottish countryside. My mum used to host picnics at the Heath when she was around my age (19) right up until covid hit. Her friends and my family would gather annually and after a few years it became a yearly tradition. As me and my brother got older we would gather most days on the Heath with friends to eat, drink and have a laugh. So in some ways having gatherings on the Heath was a familial right of passage/tradition.


Being HUMAN 2020/21

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