Connor Tweedie Link Atmosphere is Sound

IMAGE: Interior Perspective 2
IMAGE: Interior Perspective 1
IMAGE: Exploded Axonometric
IMAGE: Floor Plans
IMAGE: Final Model

Why does society create barriers based on our differences? Looking at our archives from the ‘Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons’ we saw how people with disabilities were divided and dehumanized from the rest of society. They were seen as evil creatures and non-human. This really showed a pattern within the topic of discrimination, as the world likes to force people into categories based on their differences such as Disability, race, culture, and sexuality. This gave me insight that the world has evolved and has begun to majorly move on with creating equality, though history has still shaped how intolerant to accepting people’s differences society is. This has shaped my logic of what it means to be human, we all have a sense of individuality and deserve equality. The next stage of my project was to apply my research to create a space for my user who has a hearing impairment, I worked really closely during the research and design phases with my client to understand the issues and frustration they face in public spaces and how as an architect I can shape a space that solves the issue and makes my client feel equal to the rest of society.

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