Evie Mackenzie Link Biphasic Stimulator

My chosen object is the biphasic stimulator (1960s), a tool used in neurosurgery which works by using electrical pulses via electrode to locate lesions in epileptic patients brain tissue. I chose to explore the handmade qualities of the structure and my initial impression before I knew it was a piece of medical equipment. I made 2 different sized replicas of the structure, both using house found items (cardboard, paint, glue, tape, newspaper).  The visual model online allows you to see the interior of the box and its hollow unit which I thought would give me more interesting material to draw from. The first model I focused on the inclusion of the interior interface; the handwritten font and symbols on the front face; and the shape of the buttons, switches, and dials. The second model I incorporated the wire and electrode and a polystyrene brain model, whilst paying more attention to dimensions, making the box functional. My project remains unfinished but if I were to continue I would like to create a large scale installation piece allowing people to walk inside the box itself and interact with it.

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