IMAGE: Postcard Designs displaying our memories
IMAGE: Isabella Ramsay's interpretation of Favor Ikuru's memory
IMAGE: Favor Ikuru's interpretation of Francesca Cairn's memory
IMAGE: Somayeh iraji's interpretation of Elle Crawley's memory
IMAGE: Francesca Cairn's interpretation of Isabella Ramsay's memory
IMAGE: Elle Crawley's interpretation of Somayeh iraji's memory
In our project we have decided to analyse our habitats by playing on the monumentalism of memory. We chose personal memories; memories that have engrossed us entirely throughout our lives and been paramount to shaping our individual perspectives of the places we have lived and visited over time. Through visualising these memories using postcards, we each try to describe the memory of our group partner, linking all of our perspectives together and enriching ourselves in the experience of our partner’s habitat.

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