Chloe Kaufmann Link Impressions

This series explores the place of the human conscious in relation to the ‘globalised and technologically mediated societies’ of the modern world, when place and person are constantly adapting. For my work I see that emotion and place are integral to being human, informing our experiences and our realities. I have experimented with drawing materials in addition to photography to illustrate my own surroundings and the movement and flow of matter living and non-living. I took inspiration from Rosi Braidotti’s ‘The Posthuman’ and from the archive, the experimental and poetic films of Margaret Tait and sentimental documentary footage. In response I began researching personal stories and objects; namely the works of Taryn Simon and Cornelia Parker. This propelled me to create art significant to my own experience of relocating throughout the years and how it has shaped my identity. I was intrigued by how these works explore the internal/external, the practice of archiving/organising and nature/culture. Moreover, I found inspiration in the creative and descriptive writings of memory of Marcel Proust, John Berger’s evolution and theory of painting and drawing  in ‘The Shape of a Pocket’ and Carl Jung’s theories and anecdotes of the conscious in ‘Memories, Dreams, Reflections’. From this I realised my final concept; to reinterpret my own memories from photographic prompts, exploring significance and loss of memory in relativity to time.

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