Freya Lennox Link Being Human- Language in Scotland

IMAGE: Iona Landscape, A1 Acrylic
IMAGE: Iona Landscape with Oystercatchers, A2 Acrylic
IMAGE: Oystercatchers on Iona, Acrylic on Wooden Board
IMAGE: Charcoal Studies
IMAGE: Acrylic on Wooden Board

For my Being Human project, I chose to look at the theme of Language in Scotland and how we connect to our culture and surroundings through language. Throughout my pieces I decided to incorporate a quote from the archive film ‘Iona- Dove Across the Water’ “There’s not much separation between past, present and future between this world and the next” as I felt like it encompassed the feeling a lot of places in the Highlands and Islands have due to the upkeep of their culture through language and traditions. I also looked at Gaelic and how often the language can tell a story through names, one focus in particular was the Oystercatcher whose Gaelic name means ‘Servant of Bride’ after St Bride who was taken from the Pagan Goddess Brigid. I felt it was important to focus on these parts of language as in modern day Scotland so many of our place names or mountain names have been influenced by language in particular Gaelic and yet so few people (Including myself) can understand them which I think can create a certain disconnect between humans and their surroundings.

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