Nadia Grzesiak Link Human Development

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Being human can mean so many things, however through research and thought I have come to an idea of what being human means to me. I started my journey of research on the NLS Moving Image archive where I spent hours watching short films of people from different decades. Each film showed a different story and activities people took part in. The moving image archive sparked my thoughts about what being human means to me and what I think it is. To me being human is about developing, learning and experiencing. Life is always changing and as humans we develop our lifestyles to make things better for ourselves. For this project I have focused on the idea of development, how the things we used to do and use in life have changed over the years. The moving image archive helped me generate an idea for my courses brief for the CO-LAB1 project, as well as the lecture on post humanism. Post humanism helped me understand the development of people and how technology comes into our lives.

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