Jenny Coyle Link Facial visual preferences

IMAGE: The Eye test
IMAGE: Human before test
IMAGE: Human during test
IMAGE: puzzle piece Ruaridh
IMAGE: Distorted family
IMAGE: Bill through a newborn's eye test

Facial visual preferences

My mum is an Orthoptist, therefore she does eye tests in the hospital. The eye-tests done on newborns to 3-month-old babies is to let babies learn the placements of certain facial features after they have been distorted.since newborns’ visual behaviour was affected by the up-down arrangement of the inner features and by congruency, independently of whether such arrangement was or not face-like,  Their presence at birth seems sufficient to cause the human face to be a frequent focus of newborns’ visual attention, allowing the gradual development of a face representation and of a face processing system. This study was aimed at investigating the face preference phenomenon and its underlying mechanisms at 3 months of age.


Being HUMAN 2020/21




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