Paula Pokrona Link Being Human – social group division cycle

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Being human means collectivism, high intelligence and imagination. The strongest among the human attributes that resonate in my mind, is the inability to live in isolation and ability to plan, fantasize or visualize. Humans have social self and the need to belong to certain groups. It is an inherent desire to belong and be an important part of something greater than ourselves. Consequently, this need results in sociocultural group development.

My aim in this work is to visualise the creativity and high intelligence of our species by operating with psychology and scientific elements combined with fantasy. Hence, my research topic was the social group identification and patterns in human behaviour. At the stage of experimentation, I created an abstract image through traditional mark making representing people assembled in societies, where I have noticed visual as well as conceptual resemblance of the outcome with the biological process of mitosis. Therefore, in my further development, mitosis shapes my work and inspires me to add poetic elements. I created 3D models based on pictures of human shadows I took while walking around the city of Prague. A shadow is something we all have but its shape changes based on our point of view. This element combines exclusivity and inclusivity. Whether it is a physical or ideological similarity, similarities and differences are powerful in bringing us together, as well as in differentiating us from each other. Therefore, in composing society and culture.


Being HUMAN 2020/21




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