Exploring ‘the fine line’ that stands between ourselves and society’s private habitats

IMAGE: Dirty sink after company, 89 Buccleuch street, Esme Lawton, 2022

For Colab 2, our group decided to present a series of photographs, which portrayed the personal and usually private habits of people’s lives in Glasgow. We, as a group, began to explore these habitats and what we would usually choose not to share initially. we played with the idea that windows are essentially external viewing platforms for the wider world to see into our lives. This is the idea that we subconsciously or arguably consciously choose what we want to show to this ‘audience’. as a group, we want to explore this private place in which is not often seen and how windows can be viewing decks into what is going on in a city, and what is going on in the places we can not see and don’t have access to, which is arguably beyond ‘the fine line’, though different activities going on around us mainly mundane in nature. These actions represent the habitats in which we thrive.

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