IMAGE: 'Plastic Pops - Ice lollies flavoured with plastic', a concept that highlights consumerism and the issues of microplastics within the environment. Mahdiya Zubairi
IMAGE: My Entrap-Mart scene explores the links between plastic pollution and air pollution. I modelled the lungs from clay (the material humans used before the invention of plastic). I then put the lungs into different types of plastic packaging, then used photoshop to create the scene. Jenny Gillanders
IMAGE: This visualisation explores the threat plastic has to different ecosystems, I added my design on top of plastic bags through photoshop to highlight the cause which is plastic with a contrasting image that represents the problem. Alice Baker
MEDIA: My concept is about the earth being covered in plastic and concrete and the piece is made from litter as well as little pebbles which are created by nature breaking through and taking back the land. I wanted to do a performance where I act as the earth and cover my self with the piece which is plastic and stones sewed together. Kristine Haritonova
IMAGE: For my final piece I wanted to explore the effect single use plastic is having on our eco system and habitat. I wanted these bottles to represent the our environment being trapped by the extreme amount of plastic waste on our planet, due to capitalism and consumerism. Beth Orr

Working collaboratively, we investigated our local surroundings and found that litter was a large issue with in our communities. We decided to research plastic pollution and it’s impact on ‘Our Habitat’. Our group explored the theme of ‘entrapment’ and interpreted it in various ways, incorporating plastic pollution as a key theme. This is a very important topic as consumerism is fuelling pollution and pollution is destroying our environment.

We came up with the final concept of a supermarket called ‘ENTRAP-MART’ and designed products/performances that highlighted issues of plastic pollution.

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