Pettia : The Untouched Garden

IMAGE: 3D model of our park
IMAGE: Picnic area and shelters
IMAGE: Local food garden
IMAGE: Rock with Pictish symbols covered by moss
IMAGE: Way, Lights and Scottish flowers
IMAGE: Waterfall and lake
IMAGE: Hill inspired by the Highlands landscape

We created a 3D model representing a park designed in order to relocate an empty land located on Sauchiehall Street, in Glasgow. Inspired by the design of Central Park by Frederick Law Olmsted, and through its location, the park allows us to observe the contrast between Nature and buildings. Inspired by the design of The Garden of Eden by Jan Brueghel, the park represents our habitat in Glasgow before the Anthropocene without the impact of humans activities on it. Through its elements and symbols, the park faces the question of the human’s impact on our habitat : is it irreversible ? And can it be positive ?

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