‘Moving Time’

IMAGE: Group Final Outcome

During the development of the project each group member has individually represented their personal viewpoint related to the concept of time that transforms our surrounding environment and have put together a final outcome that encloses our singular developments of the project brief in a single body of work. We are presenting a piece of work which is a combination of our four outcomes all arranged to create the shape of a clock.
In the top left side of the final piece, Bianca is presenting a short video that includes sound and moving image. To realise it, Bianca created a series of paintings using berries, took close ups images of these and created double exposures with the photographs, combining them together with sounds she recorded during her daily walks. The idea was to create a body of work that changed with time without any external factor, not even human help.
In the top right side of the final piece, Carly has decided to create a digital drawing of what our concept of time and our habitat in the Anthropocene would look like within architecture. Carly has used a photo of a late 18th century mansion that she took pictures of during her walk in the beginning of our project. The mansion is surrounded by plants and trees as over time nature would thrive and grow.
On the bottom left side of the final piece, Yifan decided to use clay as a medium and formed a container about the whole base of nature, pushing it forward to create intricate holes, repressing multiple meanings such as destruction, the geographic depiction, or natural energy expression. Then Yifan dropped some wax of burning candles. It took control of time while processing this action, there are certain frequencies of the dropping of liquid wax. The texture of wax and clay separated from each other.
Through research and exploration of areas in Glasgow, Ines has recognised that there is abundance of evidence of human activity in our community. Some of this evidence Ines found was the damage and impact on pavements, specifically around Garnethill. Ines has focused on analysing the materials, textures and imprints in these areas of damage, how they relate to the group’s shared theme of time, and what they mean in the bigger picture. Throughout this project Ines would like to preserve our human footprint through art and create a permanent reference to our community that can remain the same as time changes and evolves our community.

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