Elsie Hagan Link Elsie Hagan: Colab 1- Pregnancy

IMAGE: Pregnancy research
IMAGE: Pregnancy research
IMAGE: Pregnancy: small scale silhouettes
IMAGE: Pregnancy, large scale silhouettes

For my project i have been looking into pregnancy. I believe that one of the most beautiful and most human things a person can do is sacrifice their body as a vessel to bring another human being into the world. I focused my research on the physical changes that take place in the body during pregnancy, such as swelling in the legs and ankles, movements in the spine and hip bones, and stretch marks. I also looked at the emotional changes someone going through pregnancy may experience. Throughout history, and still to this day, pregnancy has been ignored and even looked down apon in society, causing victorian women going into isolation when pregnant,and 20th century women wearing constricting ‘maternity corsets’. I have thought about the emotional impact this may have on pregnant people and tried to create large encompassing silhouettes that feel powerful and supportive of the wearer as they go through this vital human process, while also protecting them from the often judgemental gaze of society. The silhouettes i have created also feel almost cocoon like, as i wanted to emphasise what a personal experience pregnancy is and give the wearer the option to reveal as much or as little of themselves and their journey as they want to. 


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