Calum Johnstone Link Communication is Key

IMAGE: Research
IMAGE: Development Process
IMAGE: Initial Proposed design

Since the creation of the tuning fork in 1711, a variety of studies into the impact of deafness on the daily life of sufferers have led to significant advances in technology to alert deaf people of their surroundings. However, deafness is a recent topic taken into consideration by Architects. The creation of the “Deaf Space” which took place at Gallaudet University was a major breakthrough in the world of design as this has laid the foundations for designers to create a safer environment for the deaf community. It has been observed that when it comes to designing for a deaf client it is not entirely all about accessibility, it is more about creating a sensory environment where the client can communicate with ease. This point will be the focus portrayed throughout my design process by infusing the client’s interests and making it more applicable to them and their needs so that they can feel more comfortable within today’s society, instead of leaving them to feel restrained by their disability.

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