Misha McLean Link A Posthumanist Look At Glass

IMAGE: Research
IMAGE: Inspiration/Research
IMAGE: Making "Sea Glass"
IMAGE: The X-Ray Weave
IMAGE: Investigating Form
IMAGE: Investigating Form
IMAGE: Material/Form Study
IMAGE: The Ring
IMAGE: The Final Prototype
IMAGE: Details

After looking at the archives at the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians Glasgow, I was surprised to find that a relic from the time, a Heavy Current X-Ray Tube was so fragile, yet could house such a powerful reaction (radiation production). This inspired me to look at the materials from a Post-Human point of view. To do this I investigated the material composition of the object; which is predominantly glass, but also features aluminium. 

The juxtaposition of the strength and fragility of the material was fascinating to me and inspired me to work towards creating a piece of jewellery that captured this essence; a piece of jewellery made from materials that when found independently are fragile, yet when they are manipulated can provide strength and protection. 

Alongside this I continued my research on the material of glass; focusing on how glass is formed by a man-made process and how nature shapes the material once we as humans have discarded it. This led me to the phenomenon of ‘Sea Glass’. Researching Sea Glass allowed me to understand the cyclical nature of glass from production to breakdown and how the power of nature will eventually erode and sculpt man-made substances. This led me to create my own ‘Sea Glass’ to be featured in my jewellery piece and to aid my understanding of the transformative process. 

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