Kjartan Baldvinsson Link Folly for the visually impaired

IMAGE: sections and back
IMAGE: floor plan
IMAGE: model front side
IMAGE: model back side
IMAGE: model back
IMAGE: model of pod

This folly was designed to be accessible and inhabitable by those who have a visual impairment. There are not many turns or corners in this building so to avoid disorientation and helps navigation. The inside is also quite narrow and compact so that people are able to easily be guided by the wall where there will be an engraved handrail. opposite the entrance are four sliding doors that lead into four separate “pods” where the individual can sit inside and relax with the acknowledgment that they are isolated and free to lay back into the seats built into the back of the pods. The pods at the back extend around about halfway up the building almost as if it were a chimney, however instead of an opening, it holds a skylight which will let in natural light into the pods creating stronger contrasts in shadow which would help with vision. The folly will be primarily constructed out of concrete, however, inside the flooring will be solid wood. The entrance will be two glass doors that you will be able to push from both sides and brief instructions in brail will be at the entrance to the building.

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