Stephen Douglas Link BH

Client : A woman in the early stages of dementia who wants to stay as active as possible and maintain her hobbies as the disease worsens. She requires a space which is designed for the use of the activities that is believed to be helpful for a person with dementia. Gardening is a hobby which will help her stay active and have an on going project, mindfulness and yoga will help with stress management, light exercise and overall mental health and art, music and photographs can help with memory and staying productive.

The Design : Three separate buildings each with specific functions (collectively adding up to 30m²). It should be easy to understand the purpose of each space when entering, so even if you forget why you have entered it will be obvious what the function of the room is. This is acheived by considering the layout and orientation of the buildings and their interiors.
As dementia can affect cognitive function making certain things harder to identify, each of the buildings is a different form and colour to help separate the spaces.

Overall, this space is intended to be simple to navigate and understand, as well as being a relaxing experience that will benefit someone in a worsening mental state.

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