Eva Gilmour Link Being (Post) Human

IMAGE: Starting point
IMAGE: Development

At the start of the project I choose the Apothecary Box as my object. Initially I thought the object might have been used by ‘witches’ as I could see it was filled with different herbs. After researching the object a bit more I realised the herbs and medicines being used weren’t actually much different to what wise women or ‘witches’ would have used. I started to think about how a male physician carrying around this apothecary box was so trusted and praised yet, when a woman done a very similar thing without the fancy box she disregarded or even demonised. So I decided to focus on feminism by creating work that addresses the disparity of how society viewed men and women’s involvement in the enhancement of medicine. After doing a lot of research I started to draw the herbs I thought might overlap between the physician and wise women. I liked the illustrative look of the drawings and decided I wanted to incorporate this into my final piece. I then looked into two illustrators, Sue Coe and Tony Diterlizzi. I love their style of work and I took inspiration from them when creating my final illustrations. After looking through the mind map of ideas I had written, I decided I wanted to make a small book illustrating the theme I had chosen.

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