Ruolan Wang Link Being human-who I am

IMAGE: inspiration
IMAGE: color board
IMAGE: body diversity
IMAGE: cell division
IMAGE: print fabric sample
IMAGE: fabric sample
IMAGE: single strand
IMAGE: double helix
IMAGE: final outcome

The purpose of my project is to explain that people are composed of different genes from a biological point of view, to deepen people’s understanding of human body diversity, and use texture as a way of raising awareness of issues around equality for the differences of sex development and to make love gene I researched the biological differences between different people and then carried out my fabric experiment. I made a partial in-depth study of the color palate of my project. Based on the data I investigated, I found that the genes of people are inherited by the gene color of each member of the family. Therefore, I combined the gene color selected by my family and finally got my own gene colors on the board of my project. In addition, I explore different environmentally-friendly fabrics in the project fabric experiment. the reason is that we as a human need also consider our environment when we got to know ourselves.


Being HUMAN 2021/22