Madeleine Macaulay Link The circular economy

IMAGE: embellishment created from crisp packet
IMAGE: weaving experimentation with waist materials
IMAGE: Alexander McQueen mens fall 2018, with my interpriation

When looking at responsible design, I looked at the circular economy that stresses the recycling, reusing, and returning of raw materials to create sustainability in all aspects of life. It primarily focuses on designing out waste in the fashion and textile industry by changing the way we discard resources, creating longevity within the circular process. However, there are physical and social barriers to creating a sustainable production cycle. As there is a perception of “clean” and “dirty” textiles due to the contamination of bodily fluids, pollution, and desirability. Therefore to remove these social stigmas I used crisp packets to create embellishments to turn this undesirable waste into something desirable and unrecognizable.


Being HUMAN 2021/22