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MEDIA: Freedom

The ever ceased yearning for altering the rules and desiring for freedom of people have coincided with the satisfaction of the conveniences brought by it such as the fine development of technology. Up till now since the primitive age , people have never experienced the slightest bondage to the various restrictions brought about by the rapid development of science and technology, and it has thus given the rise to people yearn for absolute freedom.

In this video, I adopted an intuitive and visualized form to compare the invisible bondage that society brings to people, from the perspectives of the social view, the restriction of rules, and the binding of self- negation.

However, people need to break through the existing rules primarily before the attempts for freedom. I am hoping,after watching the clip, that the audience will able to sense the emergence of anti-force reactions brought about by the breakthrough, which also answers the phenomenon of its creation relatively in the sympathy with the so called breakthrough.

At the same time, I have also demonstrated, under the ideal circumstances, that people break through the shackles and walk under the sky on the earth as a free man.


Being HUMAN 2020/21


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