Stewart Marshall Link Flaws of Print and Digital Perfection

IMAGE: Mark making using a burst pen as it is something everyone can relate to
IMAGE: Screen printed poster with repeated print to show flaws of printing process
IMAGE: pt2
IMAGE: Poster created using font that would be extremely difficult to screen print given its thin lines showing one of the processes main flaws


For this project I chose to highlight the flaws in analogue techniques, I chose to focus on screen printing as even though it is thought of as quite an industrial process there is still a very large margin for error. I started from the very beginning creating marks, using a pen bursting on a page as it is something everyone experiences. I then chose the phrase “human nature” in order to express that it is in our nature to make mistakes. I screen printed this on various different stocks of paper showing the flaws in this process. I then created various digital posters with a font that could not be screen printed due to it’s ultra thin lines.


During this project we were given the key phrase “Being Human”. We were asked what it means to be human and express this in our studio work, in the form of a 10 page portfolio. It is such a broad term and means something different to anyone you ask. We were given almost completely free range of this project the only condition was we were told to start analogue and work our way up to digital.

In the initial stages of the project we “visited” an online digital archive of work spanning from the 80’s to as recent as 2012 this provided a great deal of inspiration, from just a brief glance at the site you can see the progression of digital art with many works showing off certain aspects of the technology we have today as well as critiquing it and what the negative impact of over consumption and reliance does to us as humans.

We were also given various texts to read I particular found the “The Posthuman” by Rosi Braidotti of interest as it heavily relates to my course due to it’s focus on expanding technology and brings to light the subject of our humanity. I also found the “Nostalgia & Interiors” lecture by Bruce Peter of use as he talks about the flow of trends.


Being HUMAN 2020/21



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