Absence and Presence

IMAGE: All pages of the zine placed together in order
IMAGE: Title, page 1, photos from our walks and some initial sketches
IMAGE: Page 2, mapping with colour
IMAGE: Page 3, Absence and Presence
IMAGE: Page 4, collaborative work
IMAGE: Page 5 and back cover/blurb

For Co-lab 2: Our Habitat, our group were inspired by the nature found in all 4 of our locations and how different our landscapes appeared. We decided to look further into the words ‘Absence’ and ‘Presence’ and how those words can be interpreted in our environments. Through this theme we explored the past, present and future, experimenting with a variety of mediums to show the absence of life in the world we live in today. Our main focus was mapping the absence and presence through colour, this became apparent when we shared our separate findings and realized we all were using colour within our creative work. Due to working with a lot of photography we agreed on creating our own zine that allowed us to show our pieces in a collaborative way and communicate our ideas through an easy visual process.
By Alice McGreevy, Freya Lennox, Shauna Graham and Holly Green

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