Personal Monuments

IMAGE: Calum Johnstone
IMAGE: Riona Reid
IMAGE: Monika Magdić
IMAGE: Alexander Birks
IMAGE: Finn Keeffe

“A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey” Robert Smithson (1967) greatly influenced the beginning of the project. It originally made us think about what monuments (that are not monuments) are around us in our habitat, for example, a popular meeting point. This initial point of interest sparked the group project “Personal Monuments”. As a group, we began looking into long term and short-term memory, depending on if we were in the place we grew up or not. A lot of our beginning research was a deep dive into our memories and reflecting on the emotions attached to them. Due to our project focusing on “Personal Monuments” it seemed a natural progression for our project to develop into a sculpture – like a typical historical monument. As no one in the group has a background in sculpture we thought it would be interesting to work in a different way. Using photographs, drawings and secondary research we began the development of our own Personal Monuments.​

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