The boundary between man-made and nature

IMAGE: Site visit, no.1 Springburn park, Winter gardens
IMAGE: Site visit, no.2 Portobello beach, Edinburgh
IMAGE: Site visit, no.3 Botanical gardens, Glasgow
IMAGE: Site visit, no.4 Abandoned botanical gardens station, Glasgow
IMAGE: research map
IMAGE: Duncan Fleming- Fashion design
IMAGE: Ammar Ibrahim- Architecture
IMAGE: Somayya Nabawi- Interior design
IMAGE: Cerys Martin- Painting and printmaking
IMAGE: Zofia Szewczyk- Textile design
Collectively, our response to the question, how do we trace the impact of human existence in our Environment, we have focused on the boundary between man made and nature. Us as humans, learning to co exist on our planet with nature and other species  could benefit the planet.
Looking at our own habitats & the places around us, it raised a lot of question of how we as humans treat our habitats.
We decided to each focus on something specific to our own discipline relating to the idea of this boundary.

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