Little World, Big Impact

As a new generation of artists emerge from the Anthropocene, we have a responsibility to create art that can educate our community about Our Habitat. We live in a world that desperately needs to take action to protect our deteriorating planet. We explored the chosen theme of Crafting Communities and investigated key issues within the Garnethill area, using our art as a mechanism to tackle environmental concerns like pollution, urban expansion, global warming, rubbish, recycling and green area expansion. However, we wanted to ensure that our creations could provide a sense of comedic relief whilst simultaneously alerting our community to the urgency of caring for the environment. Therefore, as a group we decided to create miniature landscapes throughout Garnethill, creating art that can be enjoyed by everyone whilst educating our community about our habitat, using Instagram as a way to collate our creations so that those who find them can follow our journey of our little world that has a big impact.

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