Denise Donnelly Link Tea Bag

IMAGE: Research on tea process
IMAGE: Tea bag that was washed and cleaned before aired dried
IMAGE: Tea bag only rinsed lightly before oven cooked dry
IMAGE: Freshly used Tea bag, oven cooked dry
IMAGE: Clean Tea bags sewn together
IMAGE: Close up of stitches
IMAGE: Cooked Tea bags stitched together, holding up for length comparison
IMAGE: Close up of stiches
IMAGE: Pinned Tea bags onto a tote bag
IMAGE: Another view of Tea bags on tote bags
IMAGE: digitally cut cooked Tea bags
IMAGE: Digitally edited finished idea

My final project idea is the encouragement of reusing daily household items. Such as, Tea Bags. Turning the material of a tea bag into a reusable and eco-friendly bag. The idea is if you stitch the teabags together you could create something function out of once a flimsy piece of material. With the different tone of the bags you can create patterns within the sewn bags, creating an aesthetic yet eco bag. Almost every household drinks tea and it’s an easily accessible material, by doing so you cut down on waste as tea bags are made of plastic or a portion of plastic and are not compostable.


Being HUMAN 2021/22