IMAGE: Final outcome 1 (fast consumerism).
IMAGE: Final outcome 2 (capitalism).
IMAGE: Final outcome 3 (disposal).
IMAGE: Final outcome 4 (obsolescence).
IMAGE: Corporate Culture inspired text.
IMAGE: Development of fading sequence.
IMAGE: Experimenting with faded text and close ups exploring colour.

I wanted to create the effect of the fading quality and durability in the products we buy nowadays due to obsolescence. which then creates a massive amount of unneeded waste which could have been avoided, but due to capitalism and the fast-paced consumer market of today, this is very much the reality. I chose 4 words obsolescence, fast consumerism, capitalism, and disposal as within my research these were reoccurring topics. I was influenced a lot by Jenny Holzer and her short and to the point statements and her use of bold fonts. I displayed these posters around Glasgow, with related backgrounds.