Calum Paterson Link Sensory Pods

IMAGE: Orthographic Details
IMAGE: Not Alone.
IMAGE: Interior Veiw

In this project I aimed to create a low sensory space for those with autism. When tasked with questioning the relation of my project to both ‘being human’ and the current pandemic I sought to create a living space that moved and adapted as we move and adapt. As one person is alone in the low sensory acoustic ‘pod’ they can sense, my the moving fabric of the walls, the presence of another in the pod next door. Communication is often the biggest challenge for those with autism and this low sensory space allows for exploration and subtle communication through fabric movement.

The structure aims to replicate that of a Newton’s Cradle with kinetic energy transferred from one ‘pod’ to another. The fabric of the walls is interconnected with the seating all around the structure and the user’s initial interaction with the building is immediately touching the fabric. I wanted my structure to have the ability to create an experience and be ‘human’ itself in some respects.

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