Reconnected Habitats

IMAGE: envisioning a greener space
IMAGE: restoration of vandalized light
IMAGE: before moss restoration
IMAGE: After moss restoration
IMAGE: nature taking back
IMAGE: abstract lines of green and mossy coloured wool
IMAGE: Experiments with french knots in attempt to recreate the appearance of growing moss and fungi.
IMAGE: Before
IMAGE: After
IMAGE: After
IMAGE: further development
IMAGE: Before
IMAGE: moss growing on AstroTurf

Collectively, responding to ‘Our Habitat and the Anthropocene’ our group decided to focus on the connection between human habitats and nature, or more specifically, the lack of it. Looking at our individual habitats, we found a lot of manmade materials are a restriction for the growth of new life and biodiversity. It raised questions about how we as humans have created these impermeable manmade barriers and whether life can grow in and around them. We each decided to focus on our own creative outcomes which envision a solution and publicize the problems we found, while sticking to the same theme.

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