Our Habitat

IMAGE: Ben's Preview pages of Zine
IMAGE: Nadia's Preview pages of Zine
IMAGE: Christine's Preview pages of Zine
IMAGE: Melody's Preview pages of Zine

We invite you to explore a fictional route that links our habitats together, it acts like a tour guide allowing you to explore our pages in a fun way. In this zine we show our habitats through our own perspectives and the personal relationship we hold with them. Each of us has shown a representation of this connection in our own way. 

My habitat is a town called High Wycombe, in Buckinghamshire. I was born here, and I’ve lived there ever since. Throughout my life I have become intimately familiar with the town. As I’ve grown up, I’ve developed my own internal diorama – shaped by experiences, memories and childhood imaginings that have accidentally become cemented into its foundations. I’ve approached my section of the zine with this in mind and have tried to show High Wycombe as I see it. 

I explored Falkirk, the town I have lived in for the majority of my life. Being influenced by the text by Robert Smithson I looked for the insignificant around the significant and showed what Falkirk is really like to the people living here. I gave the town a whole new light with a comedic twist on a classical travel brochure.

My current location is my hometown named Guangzhou. But I consider my habitat as three specific places around Guangzhou. Downtown Guangzhou, where are surrounded by tons of buildings, I spend a lot of time there. An abandoned factory very near to my home, I witness how worse it get through these years. And also the river near to my family’s summer house, which carried many childhood memories of mine. These three places symbolize the present, past, and future of my hometown and represent my emotion as well. I choose to used collages to show the way I see them.

I am living in a city called Glasgow now . I just came to this city for less than four months. I am not very familiar with everything here, so I will provide a tourist side to understand Glasgow.I chose the street near my flat, the way people go to work and the park I often go to. I collected the characteristics of these places and remembered the feeling of them. Then I used images to show what these places look and feel like in my memory.

 It would be difficult to say that these places are all the same with a clear connection. They all have different characteristics that stand out to us and make them our habitats, however this zine is the link that connects us all together through our differences.

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