Ellie Scott Link ocean pollution and throw away culture

IMAGE: A picture of my process and method and how I twisted the floristry wire around the can tabs.
IMAGE: A close up of one of the wire flowers. Now you are able to see the details and the wire twists of the flowers.
IMAGE: The vase substitute, a crushed and used plastic bottle. A link to the pollution in oceans and beaches and the human nature to throw away.
IMAGE: The full piece with the lighting effect close up. I wanted to show the details of the wire and the reflections in the light of the plastic and metal.
IMAGE: This was my full final piece. I think it really displays the focus on ocean pollution and the human nature to throw away everything.

My main focus for this project is ocean pollution. I used cans, old floristry wire and plastic bottles in response to that. I focussed on three artists, Josef Albers, Joan Eardley and Ruth Asawa; I was most inspired by Ruth and her use of discarded wire and what she turned it into. I twisted the wire round the bottom of can tabs to create a petal effect, then twisted the individual flowers together and positioned them in a plastic bottle as the vase. I think the piece looks very simple yet effective and gives the piece a juxtaposition showing material that is man made into nature.