Elizabeth Law Link Here we, here we…

MEDIA: Final Outcome video piece
IMAGE: Close up of cups
IMAGE: Close up with projection in background

My response to the project brief and the theme of Being Human in the Anthropocene was to focus on an aspect of my current human experience and examine its effect on the environment.

I work in a bar at a live music venue in Glasgow and regularly witness the disposal of hundreds of bags full of single use plastics, glass bottles, cans and other varied detritus every night. Going to concerts can be memorable highlights of our lives, a chance to let go and have fun, but from my observations, we are insensitive to the impact this has on our planet.

In my final video piece I aimed to showcase and comment on both the volume of waste produced by concert venues, and the unawareness of attendees.  I achieved this by recreating the atmosphere of a venue and a tangible feeling of intoxication by using an overlay, and juxtaposing this with imagery of accumulated detritus from the bar.


Being HUMAN 2021/22