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MEDIA: Calm Technology vs Anxiety Technology
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IMAGE: Photoshop iOS Alarm Screens
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This video focuses on two different mornings. One using technology to their advantage. From a nice gentle alarm that senses when the person is in a light sleep, to a tea kettle, a Hue light to show a colour that represents the weather (for instance purple to show rain fall) and an electric toothbrush to help them clean their entire mouth properly with small vibrations to let the user know when to clean the other side of their mouth. This video uses a term called Calm Technology, meaning technology that doesn’t scream and take all of your attention way but rather helps you point your awareness to the device when it is required. 

The second video shows someone who is consumed by their technology. They have an abrupt alarm that goes off at a set time, then they sit on their phone for too long and ultimately are running late for work. They have no time to wash up and clean their teeth so they run to the store and get some coffee and eat chewing gum – in the hopes no one catches a smell of their breathe.  This video highlights what today’s technology is designed around. Keeping us hooked to our devices and apps so they can make money from us, and we aren’t even aware of it happening. Just like the person isn’t aware of the time slipping away before he is too late. 

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