MEDIA: Group Outcome - Final Video: Day
MEDIA: Group Outcome - Final Video: Night
IMAGE: Documentation of Filming Process
IMAGE: Initial Concept - Drawn using Exquisite Corpse Method

At the beginning of the group work, still exploring our individual surroundings, the question of a common ground for our explorations arose very quickly. What ties together our strolling manners and where do the differences manifest in the way we explore? Furthermore, how the rules of the game according to which we move, whether the anatomical construction of our body, our upright posture or in the occurrence of a pedestrian crossing, for safety reasons, determine our agency. On the basis of our distant stays and Exquisite Corpse (a method in which you take turns to draw different body parts on a piece of paper, folding it over to hide what has been sketched, and then passed onto the next individual) our strolling compilation has come into being.



Our HABITAT 2020/21


Blue Zone

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