Marks We’ve Made

MEDIA: Marks We've Made
IMAGE: Carmen living in Glasgow, worked on the habitat of Macau
IMAGE: Helen living in Glasgow, worked on the habitat of Malmö
IMAGE: Hanne living in Malmö, worked on the habitat of Glasgow
IMAGE: Kairee living in Macau, worked on the habitat of Glasgow
IMAGE: Glasgow, UK
IMAGE: Macau, China
IMAGE: Malmö, Sweden

With our group being spread across three cities in various parts of the world, our initial research consisted of us trying to find commonality amongst our assorted habitats. In each member’s research photos, we observed a vast feeling of emptiness across areas that were once occupied by human experiences. So we made it our mission to reappropriate these spaces and furnish them with new tales of life. Each member chose five of their research photos to send to the next, which would form a backdrop for their storyboard. We planned it so that no one was working with images of their own city, therefore ensuring that as well as creating a piece that focused on traces of human life left behind, it was also our own interpretation of an area we were unfamiliar with. We intended for our final collaboration to be a digital collection of short stories, adding sound to further immerse the viewer into the nostalgia of life pre-Covid.


Our HABITAT 2020/21


Blue Zone

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