Eloise Hodgkinson Link Eloise Hodgkinson-Being Human and the Anthropocene

IMAGE: Redesign of the Evian logo.
IMAGE: Redesign of Nestle's KitKat logo.
IMAGE: Redesign of Starbucks no plastic straws advert.
IMAGE: Pepsi bottle comparison photo.
IMAGE: Photography made into poster using Photoshop.
IMAGE: Photography made into poster using Photoshop.
IMAGE: Digital and Physical collage piece.

Are you to blame? Are we all to blame? That’s what we are taught. Told to ‘please recycle me’ while the big corporations sit back and watch us panic at the destruction of the world. They tell us they are doing all they can, tell us they’ll be plastic free by 2050, when by that time we will be half submerged.  We need to hold them accountable; they need to make a change now.  

In response to my project brief, I looked into company greenwashing and consumer blaming in what is called a ‘throw-away society’. Multiple big brand names, Coca-Cola, Nestle etc., advertise themselves as eco-friendly and sustainable while they are among the most polluting. They blame consumers and use emotive language, ‘please recycle me’, on the top of bottles to make consumers feel responsible for their destruction. In my project I looked into some of these big names and how they profess sustainability and instead revealed the true facts behind their fabrication. I did this by redesigning logos, adverts, posters and more.


Being HUMAN 2021/22