Hanna Herrmann Link Residents of Utopia

IMAGE: Exquisite corpse book
IMAGE: A close up of the binding
IMAGE: The title sewn on the cover
MEDIA: A gif of some character variations
IMAGE: Sewing with different techniques added detail to the limited medium I used.
IMAGE: The back sides became interesting images.

What will the future be like? Your view is either dystopian or hopeful and utopian. Despite being a perfect imaginary place, they motivate in tough times. Since we have many views, everyone’s is different. Through research, I learned a lot about the Anthropocene, which lead me to questioning my views and everyday decisions. I created an interactive exquisite corpse, which invites viewers to share the residents of their utopia. Curbside by Lisa Sigal and Letters to the Future influenced my choice in letting the original material be recognisable. I chose selected them carefully, thinking of the message they add to the illustration. What would have been recycled became a book. The value of the packaging and scrap papers changed after getting out of my hands.


Being HUMAN 2021/22