Vico Seeger Link “contacts”

There is no such thing as history. There is only historians. Historians writing and rewriting our history, arguably history is just a subcategory of literature. Indeed, Hannah Arendt claims that the meaning of action itself is dependent upon the articulation retrospectively. Embracing order and disorder, the archive is a place that opens up this third space. A Space of the absurd, a space of narrative. Like with a word for example the information-content does not lie in the individual letter, but in the combination of several, it lies between the letters. The contact not only forms the word, it transforms, it allows us to experience, enables us to think and share this thinking with one another. Working with the moving image archive, of the National Library of Scotland, I created a video montage using documentary-, fiction-, advertisement- and home-video-footage form the 20th century. The title „contacts“, refers to the soundtrack, a piece of music composed and realized in 1958 by Karl Heinz Stockhausen. He creates contacts „both between instrumental and electronic sound groups and contacts between self-sufficient, strongly characterized moments as well as contacts between various forms of spatial movement“. (Stockhausen 1964, 105)

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